Patrick Devine-Wright is professor in Human Geography at the University of Exeter. He is an environmental social scientist who draws from disciplines such as Human Geography and Environmental Psychology.

He specialises in researching significant, policy-relevant environmental problems using an interdisciplinary collaborative approach that is theoretically informed and has clear pathways to impact. His work is focused on understanding the symbolic and affective dimensions of people-place relations, particularly concepts of place attachment and place identity. He acted as Principle Investigator for the ‘Beyond Nimbyism‘ interdisciplinary project, researching public engagement with renewable energy technologies, evaluated as ‘outstanding‘ in the end of grant peer review by ESRC and is currently a Co-Investigator on research projects funded by ESPRC (CLUES and Conditioning Demand), the Norwegian Research Council (Sustainable Grid Development) and the European Union (EuTrace: a transdisciplinary assessment of climate engineering).