LEX includes podcasts, videos, images and writing, and acts as a sister space to our peer-reviewed academic journal Landscape Research.

It shares and encourages an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach to current planetary challenges. We are particularly keen to support work which transcends boundaries of disciplines and approaches to landscape, countries or nation states, and academia and forms of practice.

The content is intentionally more informal, easy to understand and aimed to spark dialogue and collaboration across boundaries. It widens the traditional definition of research to include radical or unconventional research methods.

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About LRG


The Landscape Research Group (LRG) is an international, independent and not-for-profit membership organisation. As well as producing the journal Landscape Research, published by Taylor & Francis, we fund research and networks of people working on landscape challenges around the world, run events, and host this platform.

London street people Sarah McCarthy
Family of feet Macsee Photography

Our main focus is supporting people and research with a vital role to play in realising a fairer, ethical and more sustainable future, in terms of the relationships that people have with the places they live, and the environments they share with each other and with other living things.

We are particularly committed to creating, maintaining and enhancing links among people interested in landscape research across boundaries - nation states or cultures; academia and practice; and disciplines, approaches and perspectives.

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