The Maghreb Landscape Research Network brings together landscape researchers and practitioners from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, to identify and raise awareness of local landscape issues in the region, and to explore themes common to these interconnected landscapes.

There is a specific focus on promoting ‘landscape’ as metaphor for environmental action. Other areas of interest include:

  • The European Landscape Convention as a model for the Maghreb
  • Landscape democracy and environmental action
  • Colonial landscapes
  • Tourism and landscape – blessing or blight?
  • Landscape, language and culture
  • Environmental pollution and landscape inequality

تجمع الشبكة المغاربية لبحوث المناظر الطبيعية بين باحثي المناظر الطبيعية والممارسين من الجزائر والمغرب وتونس ، لتحديد وزيادة الوعي بقضايا المناظر الطبيعية المحلية في المنطقة ، واستكشاف موضوعات مشتركة بين هذه المناظر الطبيعية المترابطة