I’m a cultural geographer. I’m interested in the development of landscape theory in geography, and more broadly in geographies of visual art, writing, affectivity, haunting and performance. I’m also an Editor of the international journal cultural geographies (Sage). I’m originally from Enniskillen, a town in the west of Northern Ireland. I came to England to do a geography degree at the University of Manchester, graduating in 1994. Afterwards I moved to the University of Bristol to take the MSc. Society & Space course, and then stayed on at Bristol to do doctoral research, and was awarded my PhD in 2001. By then I was working as Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield. I worked in Sheffield for six years, before moving to take up my present post at Exeter in October 2006. I was promoted to Associate Professor in June 2011, and to Professor in August 2013.