Translating Palestinian Landscapes: a performative reading of “landscape” in poetry, literature, music, and photography from Palestine

How does landscape (for which there is no word in Arabic) translate across language and medium in Palestine? This is a performative bi-lingual reading in which excerpts are shared from Palestinian poetry, literature, music, and photography to discover intersections in between landscape and notions of goodness, identity, sharing, and togetherness in an experimental, informal and light-hearted setting.

Jens Haendeler is a landscape architect, program head of Urban Studies and Spatial Practices at Al-Quds Bard College in Jerusalem, Palestine, and co-founder of the landscape research design collective pnevma.

Omar Hmidat is a Palestinian community organizer, researcher, and filmmaker. Omar is co-founder of rasif/رصيف, and is currently studying for a postgraduate degree with Forensic Architecture at Goldsmiths, London. Together they explore the intersections of the Architectures, Humanities and Social Sciences to engage with questions of land, landscape, language, translation, and spatial practices.


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