“The happy chance that gives rise to existence”: senses of place around the fire pit

In 2020, an international cohort of cross-disciplinary practitioners gathered online to discuss and create a series of locative media (digital maps / locative apps) with Supercluster/CGeomap. From this evolved the fire pit sessions, a digital space to gather inspired by ancient storytelling around goodness and gratitude. Each fire pit gathering has a particular theme and we propose a session inspired by Yi-Fu Tuan on the relationships between landscape, goodness and the topophilia of place. This online gathering is orchestrated by fire keepers, Fay Stevens and Geert Vermeire, who tend to the flame, supporting the space for the stories to unfold and igniting new collective thoughts and ideas. It starts by the sharing of a simple story of gratitude and goodness; an earth story. This event shares and inhabits the happy chance of a collective existence held within the goodness of the land.


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