Melting the ice in the heart of man

Research part-funded by LRG in 2017

While the melting ice raises seawater levels across the globe, in Greenland this process lays bare new land, ready for mineral mining. These future areas of exploitation might offer the country financial independence, but at the same time forecast ecological disaster. Environmental neglect and cultural oppression often go hand in hand.

In his 2017 project, film-maker Jasper Coppes established connections with the native Greenlandic community during a short stay in Nuuk. He investigated the iconography of Greenlandic indigenous relations with the drastically changing landscape. His aim was to set up a collaborative film production and to work towards a critical understanding of the differences between colonial and indigenous audiovisual perception of the changing arctic environment.

In 2020 the resulting experimental film Aasivissuit has its world premiere. The film is produced by VRIZA and co-produced by UiLU indigenous stories, and was recorded with a Dutch and Greenlandic crew.

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Aasivissuit trailer

July 2020


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