Healing landscapes. An encounter between a philosopher of landscape and health professionals

This presentation is about the power of landscape considered as carrier of well-being, relief and comfort for patients and health professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Landscape theory and environmental psychology have shown the benefits we receive from landscape and the reasons we are attached to it, emotionally and biologically. After a presentation of the frameworks and the evidence which support the impact of landscape on our health and well-being, there is a recorded interview with Milena Sepulveda, a nurse from the Padre Hurtado Hospital in Santiago (Chile). During the Covid-19 pandemic, Milena and her colleagues helped patients and health professionals to find well-being through the contact with and the direct perception of an ordinary landscape. The presentation will be in English, the interview-testimony will be in Spanish with English subtitles. This presentation demonstrates that even in a tragic moment such as this pandemic, landscape can be a carrier of goodness.


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