Dynamic structure and living systems

An unreliable pocket manual for the dramaturgical human

On Friday 6 December 2019, we held our annual Symposium in Friends House, London, entitled Staying with the trouble: Critical and creative approaches to the climate and biodiversity crises. This is one of the key themes in our Research Strategy, and Donna Haraway very kindly lent her book title to the event.

The Symposium took the form of three conversations with our event collaborators below.

We welcomed a sell-out audience and collaborators from a broad range of creative backgrounds for a series of conversations, facilitated by performance ecologist Ruth Little.

Here’s a short paper by Ruth which offers a sideways approach to landscape research.

Dynamic structure & living systems

Dynamic structure & living systems

What is landscape research? Can this paper by Ruth Little describing a dramaturgical approach also be useful as a landscape approach, particularly as more and more we grapple with how we interact with and respond to rapidly changing systems and environments?



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